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An excellent environment for our younger children to work in

The Preparatory School is comprised of the Key Stage 2 classes, Years 3 – 6, and is located in the Coggrave building on the main school site.

Coggrave is situated adjacent to, but separate from, the Senior School accommodation, enabling the school to retain its own identity, whilst allowing the children to share joint facilities with the Seniors, such as the Moloney Hall, the Sports Hall and playing fields, music facilities and the ICT suite.

The Coggrave Building

Whilst retaining the essential ethos of the Pre-Prep, the Prep School aims to encourage independent learning through a more specialised approach to the curriculum. The Prep School establishes exceptional work habits within small classes, where the Form Tutor teaches English and mathematics and provides a high level of pastoral care. Science, history, geography, RE and ICT, whilesome subjects are taught by specialists, such as music, art and physical education. All of the pupils also have the opportunity to take a foreign language.

This system ensures that the children have a secure base (in the Coggrave building), but that they also become used to a variety of teachers. In turn, the children become known to all members of staff in the Prep School and also to some of the Senior School supporting staff. As the Prep School is integrated into the main school site in this way, sharing resources and staff, pupils make a very successful, smooth and confident transition into the Senior School at the end of Year 6.

Why choose Read School Prep School?

We foster a strong sense of family community and spirit where the priority is to nurture the individual child to fulfil their potential. Small learning groups help to promote self-esteem and expression and develop the enquiring mind. Individuals are encouraged to succeed and we share and celebrate these achievements, but we also encourage a sense of teamwork.

We offer a wide-ranging and diverse activities programme in addition to those experienced and taught in the classroom so children become well-rounded individuals.

Prep School Boarders

Read School is a boarding and day school and we have the facility to cater for younger pupils from the Prep School, who can participate fully in the day and boarding programmes of the school.

Both the girls’ and boys’ boarding houses cater well for this age group, offering an active after-school programme and a caring home environment. Weekends also provide family style outings to shopping centres and visits to the cinema, bowling alleys and similar venues, to ensure the children have plenty of good recreational time out of school hours.

During the school day, no distinction is made between boarding and day pupils. The boarders participate fully in the school programme before returning to the boarding houses for evening activities. There is close liaison between boarding and day staff so that we can provide the children with the most stable and supportive environment possible.